How/why/when did you start You Must Remember This?

The short version of the story is that I started the podcast in April 2014 because a) I wanted an excuse to research stories from Hollywood history more extensively than most of my freelance opportunities would allow but without the commitment of writing a book, b) I wanted to do something exactly the way I wanted to do it, for better or for worse, and c) as a podcast listener I felt like there were never enough podcasts to listen to so I figured there was room for one more. So I wrote a script, borrowed some recording equipment and taught myself how to use GarageBand, and ten days later I had a first episode, which I put on SoundCloud and solicited feedback on. I produced episodes when I could in between freelance commitments and the teaching job I had that semester, and then when the semester ended I decided to try to produce the podcast full-time. More details on this can be found in this interview.

Where is episode #1? I can't find it. 

Episode number one, "The Hard Hollywood Life of Kim Novak," is our "lost episode." I didn't know that it was a bad idea to use large swaths of copyright music in a podcast when I made it back in April 2014 -- I didn't think enough people would hear it for it to matter. In fact, I used a lot of pre-recorded copyright music in the first ten episodes, but when the show was invited to join the Infinite Guest network in August 2014, I re-edited nine of those episodes to minimize the use of music that I didn't have the rights to use. But the project file of the first episode got corrupted, so I can't re-edit it, so it can't be part of the iTunes feed or an "official" episode on which advertising is sold. However, it is somewhere on the internet, and if you search for it, you should be able to find it.

What equipment do you use to record/edit?

I use a Rode NT1 mic, plugged into an Avid Mbox, plugged into a MacMini or iMac. I record using GarageBand. I edited episodes 1-55 myself using GarageBand. Subsequently, the show's editors have included Henry Molofsky, Sam Dingman and Jacob Smith.

How long does it take to make a single episode?

The production cycle -- meaning from when I sit down to start writing the script to when the finished episode is posted on iTunes -- ranges from one week to several months. It completely various according to the subject matter. This is why I need to take hiatuses between seasons, because it would be impossible to research and write the show week-to-week.

Do you have any plans to do an episode on XYZ celebrity/director/film/etc?

I generally don't announce my episodes in advance, but maybe!

Do you need any help with research/are you looking for an intern?

Not right now, but I may in the future. If so, I will post more information on the podcast's Twitter account and blog

Would you be willing to write for my website/magazine/etc?

I'm just too busy for freelance work right now, but thanks for thinking of me!

I notice you don't have a contact link on this website anymore. 

That is true. I am just simply overwhelmed with work right now and have been finding my email box to be a source of stress that I can't deal with, so I'm not publicizing my email address at this time. 

Do you have any career advice? How did you get from point A to B to where you are now?

The only thing I can say that has consistently worked for me is not being afraid to leave a situation that isn't working and to try things that I might fail at. I've had some financially tough times (I had no health insurance for a lot of my 20s, I've bounced rent checks and put off paying my taxes and did not until my final year at the Weekly have anything like savings, and only then because I was afraid I was going to be fired any minute), but I've never been afraid to quit a job or take a chance, because I've always felt like I could go back to working at a cheese counter or a wine bar if I had to. I haven't had to for ten years now, but I got close a couple of times, and never say never.