Oh look! I’m manually updating my Tumblr!

I talked to Lloyd Kaufman and Rian Johnson for this story on filmmakers who Twitter for FilmInFocus. Here’s a bit of throat-clearing that I had to get out of my system before I could find the story:

I’ve endured three years worth of hostile questions about what I “get” out of Twitter. It’s a valid line of inquiry, I suppose. Twitter takes up a lot of time, and energy. It distracts me, when I’m trying to work and when I’m supposed to be paying attention to actual people. My last boyfriend hated it.

And yet…in addition to being an increasingly invaluable source of information (the more writers and media companies use it to broadcast links to their stories, the more Twitter renders my Google Reader redundant), Twitter is the most stabilizing force in my life. It allows me — a freelance writer who works at home alone when she’s not spending two weeks out of every month on the road –– to communicate a cumulative narrative of my idle thoughts and actions to an audience that responds in real time. It’s a simple thing, but there’s something incredibly comforting about having an ongoing reminder that if I have something to say, there are people who want to recieve it. Some days, the trail I leave on Twitter is the best proof I have that I actually exist.