Erica = the Valerie Plame stand-in, and Rachel the Judith Miller, in Nothing But the Truth, Rod Lurie’s dramatization of the CIA leak affair which just premiered at Toronto. Link to my spoiler-filled review above. An excerpt:

"Even if she disputed the administration’s evidence, Erica is coded as a loyal cog in the governmental machine which the film seems to be trying to turn the impartial viewer against. “Your paper has been trying to fuck my husband ever since he spoke out against this administration!” she screams when Rachel confronts her at her daughter’s soccer game––oh, did I fail to mention that the CIA agent has been turned into a soccer mom? And that her daughter is the same age and goes to the same school as the journalist’s son? Yeah. Anyway, after she’s outed in the newspaper, Erica goes to Rachel’s house and first acts all chummy in the hopes of getting Rachel to reveal her source. “I know about keeping secrets,” she says, which seems to be her own version of “off the record.” When Rachel refuses, Erica calls her “an unpatriotic little cunt.”"