Dusty Springfield - Spooky

If you’ve been anywhere near my house this past week, chances are you’ve been bludgeoned by 60s/70s soul music, and topping the list of ‘Stuff Played Way Too Much for One Week’ is Dusty Springfield.

Most people know Dusty for her hit Son of a Preacherman, but not everyone realizes Dusty has tons of excellent songs to her name, and Spooky, a cover of a Classic IV song, happens to be one of favorites. The song features a well-known, often-sampled hook, and would perfectly complement a bottle of wine, dim lights, and a fireplace.

This kind of music makes me want to put on a lot of eyeliner and dance around whilst drinking something a quietly adventurous housewife might have concocted to serve at a 70s key party. Maybe sparkling sangria.