If I’m in town that weekend, I will try to go. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to the first couple of days of the Philly Film Fest.




It’s time for another meetup! Instead of congregating at a bar, we’re doing things a bit differently this time. We’re meeting at the Whisk&Ladle!

You’ll need to RSVP for this so I can email you the exact address. At the request of the folks who run this fine establishment, they ask you not to re-blog the address. Just email me at leetumbls (at) yahoo.com by Wednesday, April 2nd. I’ll send everyone the address that same night.

I know this is the same night as the tumblinas event, so I hope you all can swing by afterwards!

When: April 5th @ 10 PM

Where: Whisk&Ladle in Williamsburg (take L train to Bedford)

What: Housemade cocktails, bar, ales from Spuyten Duyvil (no food, sadly!)

Please re-blog this post and spread the word!

im going!