P.S. “The greatness of art makes its appearance only as dusk begins to fall over life.” That’s Debord. It’s getting dark, and I’m getting excited.

David’s Debord reference reminds me: I stupidly bought a lot of books this weekend. I shouldn’t have, because I’m already reading three books simultaneously (Mark Harris’ Pictures at the Revolution, John O’Hara’s Hollywood stories, and Fassbinder: Life and Work of a Provocative Genius), but I had a couple of hours to kill and found myself pressed up against the remainders table at St. Marks Books, drooling and unable to say no.

The new acquisitions:

Guy Debord’s Panegyric, Vols. 1 & 2 under the same cover.

Gluttony: The Seven Deadly Sins by Francine Prose

Precarious Life: The Power of Mourning and Violence by Judith Butler

Cigarettes by Harry Matthews

Digressions on Some Poems By Frank O’Hara by Joe LeSueur

The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton (yes, it’s like 2000 pages and I’ll never get through it, but it was only $12!!!)

A note on that last one: I had it in my purse last night and the boys asked me if it was the book that inspired the title of Medicine for Melancholy. I said no, and that I thought that was a Ray Bradbury reference, and was disbelieved. Here’s the proof, suckers.