This video may have just changed my life.

Keeping mind that I’m currently in Missouri. I’ve also been telling anyone who would listen for the last couple of weeks that I’m thinking about moving back to California. But…jesus christ.

For the HOUSEWIVES?!?!

Even Mad Men—which used the opening of Ella’s “Manhattan” at the end of the episode where Pete allows his family-in-law to buy him an apartment––couldn’t muster such bittersweet love-hate for the social makeup of the city in which it’s set. And if you think I’m reading too much irony into Ella’s interp, wait until about 3:07. Look at the the pearl-tug that meats the word “goill.” Behold the adlib: “I got that line right”––EYE ROLL. 

Absolute genius. I’ve clearly been taking New York too seriously. Another year, please, porter!