The scourge of a certain brand of online/fanboy film criticism is the phrase, “Movie X made me feel like I was 12 years old again!” Ie: whatever newfangled highly CGIed predetermined blockbuster was so holy shit transformative that it blew off Blogger X’s Professional Critic hat, leaving them unable to employ the critical faculties that they have presumably developed since they first saw Star Wars or Jurassic Park or whatever-the-fuck. This year, Double Dagger made *me* feel like I was 12 years old again—just discovering things like Fugazi,  taking LA city buses to far-flung locales like Santa Monica and Canoga Park for all-ages shows––and because of that, I am unable to tell you why this music works (or if it even works), just that it works for me hard.

If this is not my favorite song of 2010, it is definitely my favorite seven minute punk rock quasi-love song about insomnia of 2010. The video starts to get really interesting around the 3:20 mark, so don’t give up on it before then.