Gizmodo needs all new writers, these people are fools — ben

I don’t know what makes less sense to me: the idea that the Gizmodo boys thought that their “let’s turn off all the TVs at CES” stunt would be cool/funny/would be a net positive for them in the tech community, where CES is treated as a sacred space, not least by their advertisers; or the idea that firing every writer at Gizmodo and hiring a batch of eager-to-please newbies would change the culture over there for the better.

Actualy, come to think of it, why DOESN’T Denton fire all his writers, across ALL the blogs, and hire cheap[er] nobodies? You’d think that as soon as one of his serfs reaches the Gina Trapani/Mark Lisanti level of name recognition, they’ve outlived their usefulness. It certainly would empower his “all attention is good attention as long as it translates into traffic” mandate if he could funnel it through young rent-hungry writers too inexperienced to care about reputation or long term repurcussions.