I’m moving/re-dressing this blog and this is a test post to see what text posts will look like in their new clothes. Here is some text I cut out of a SpoutBlog post yesterday:

You could call the last couple of days a study in failed tourism. On three separate expeditions into urban Abu Dhabi, we’ve failed to find three separate destinations. The problem — at least, its a problem for us New Yorkers, I’m sure it makes perfect sense to Abu Dhabi residents –– is that buildings in the city have no street addresses. The email sign-offs of MEIFF employees state the address of their office as “Abu Dhabi Film Centre, next to Abu Dhabi TV, opposite Rosary School.” Locals find things by referring to landmarks: schools, malls, hotels or, in the absence of a structure that takes up a city block or more, usually a fast food place, apparently most commonly a KFC. Getting repeatedly lost in this system sort of puts a new spin on my Das Racist analogy from earlier in the week.