Meghan, Mary and I are looking for an astoundingly creative editor to help us with our silly videos - so they don’t all end up looking like the one I clumsily edited above.

You can be a film student or a lawyer with a lot of free time and an obsession with Final Cut Pro, although we’ve never actually met someone like that. Basically, we don’t care what your “real” job is, if you want to edit our crap, we’re excited to work with you.

We also don’t really care where you live, although it would be great if you were in NY.

And although we don’t have a ton of cash, it will be paid, because that’s only fair. (Hell, I made $10/hr when I was an intern at mediabistro!)

Just be fun and creative, and we’ll be fun and creative back.

Email us!

Editors make anywhere between $125 and $250 an hour, sometimes more. If you do this, enjoy being exploited. And remember, you’re not exactly working for Doctors Without Borders. I’m positive that Ms. Allison will be sure to be paid in full for whatever it is that you’re actually editing.

I hate it when people try to take advantage of artists.

Well put.

And asking for “a lawyer with a lot of free time” to edit your videos is like looking for a unicorn to pick up your dry-cleaning. Not realistic.

throw in free office space as well, thanks. this trust fund isn’t gonna spend itself on shoes and fun outfits me and my girlfriends can post while we act like we know something about tech on our blogs, you know?

Oh, calm down. You know there’s already a line down the block of boys who would be happy to be “exploited” by Julia Allison. Actually, they’re probably the one’s snarkily re-tumbling this––gotta cover your tracks, right?