Thanks to everyone who has contacted me and/or posted and/or tweeted the news. A crazy confluence of events conspired to make this happen. The weekend after my last job ended, I went to LA for four days to cover AFI Fest, and had an expectedly great time; a week after that, Scott Foundas announced he was leaving the film editor position at the Weekly; I sent in my resume, didn’t hear anything and thought I didn’t have a chance; I went back to LA to visit family and friends and on my last day in town took a meeting; exactly two weeks later, I’m packing up my apartment. It is surreal.

Things I want to do before I leave New York in three weeks (I’ll add to this list as new ideas come to me):

1) Become Foursquare mayor of Provini. done and done.

2) See my first ever Broadway show (ideally, A Little Night Music)

3) Find someone (or someones) to eat Momofuku fried chicken with. I found chicken eaters, but Momofuku has zero chicken reservations left between now and when I leave (January 15). Boo. Chicken fail.