The best thing about This Recording's analysis of Joshua David Stein's douchebaggy Page Six Mag story about his affair with fellow (now former) Gawker editor Emily Gould (and there are a lot of good things):

He has a Serge Gainsbourg tattoo on his back? Yikes. That’s like the number one warning sign someone may soon betray you in a feature article in the Post.

Yes, absolutely. But I’m almost willing to give him a pass for being a douchebag, because she should have been able to see the flashing Douchbag Warning Light. “Bonnie and Clyde” is one of my favorite songs of all time, but every girl knows that Serge worship should be the foundation of, like, ill-advised hotel sex, and NOT a workplace romance. And Emily’s “secret” blog about their relationship was just about as creepy, right?

But she’ll probably get a book deal out of her douchebaggery. So now I’m torn.