…but at least even her trashiest dalliances have been relatively age-appropriate. From the ever-reliable ShowBizSpy:

Friends have said that Jamie Lynn was no longer even seeing Casey - and family members told Star that they believe the real father is a much older executive at her children’s TV show ‘Zoey 101′.

“Casey is being paid off to be the family’s fall guy while the real father remains unidentified,” Star magazine insists.

They say the real reason is that an older man could be charged with statutory rape if revealed to be the father of an under-aged girl’s baby.

If this is true, it puts a whole new spin on the Juno comparisons––it’s almost the fulfillment of my alternate-universe wish for that movie, in which Ellen Page dupms her baby with Jennifer Garner and thenshacks up with Jason Bateman in his loftominium in the city. Almost.