I spent pretty much every weekday from about 1981 to 1985 in a car with my mother, driving around Los Angeles, listening to KROQ. This could explain why I’ve been a B52s superfan since before I could read, write or intelligibly talk, and also why I’m thrown into near-paralyzing deja vu by the opening chords to certain songs by Echo and the Bunnymen. KROQ now has a web station that aims to approximate what it sounded like in the early-to-mid 80s, complete with station IDs from the likes of Freddy Snakeskin and Jane Wiedlin. Now playing: Blasphemous Rumours.

UPDATE!! Now they’re playing early-00s U2. The honeymoon may already be over.

UPDATE 2!!! They won me back with Eighties. Bonus because it also makes me think of this, which makes me think of the early 90s, which is my second most fertile nostalgia zone.