1. Amusement Parks on Fire, Amusement Parks on Fire

I bought this record this morning on iTunes, after a Last.FM search for music that sounded like A Place to Bury Strangers led me to fall in love with an 8-minute song called “Wiper.” At its best, this record is hopelessly dated in almost too many ways––it’s an almost surreal mash-up of circa-1997 (too early) emo with circa 1994 (too late) shoegazer. Actually, at times, it almost sounds like Sigur Ros meets Archers of Loaf.

2. Times New Viking, Rip it Off.

If you listen to this record on a set of good quality headphones whilst trying to write a movie blog, it sounds amazing. If you listen to it on a set of earbuds whilst walking through the East Village, it’s unlistenably bad. I’m all for the purposefully shitty production value (uh, see below), but I shouldn’t need expensive gear to be able to fully appreciate it.


The Kills, Midnight Boom.

I liked it better when it sounded like they recorded their records without a producer––there are tracks on No Wow that sound like they were cut in one take, on a dictaphone, with Allison lying in bed coughing up lyrics through an epic hangover. On this one, the songs sound like they were engineered to be played at Kate Moss’ house (wonder why?) But as far as totally inoffensive dance songs go, “What New York Used To Be” could change lives.