Reposting this in case anyone missed it. Right now I know of enough events to keep myself busy for the night, but I’m open to other/better/additional ideas.

On Election Night…

…I plan to go from neighborhood to neighborhood, from bar to bar, watching people watch the returns. If you’re planning an election night thing or know of a bar in your neighborhood that is (for logistical reasons, preferably in Brooklyn or below 50th street in Manhattan—I’ll probably start the night around NBC in Rockefeller Center and then work my way down the island and back to Park Slope), let me know.

I’ll be taking pictures and notes, and writing up a sort of diary of the night. I’m vaguely looking for a home for it, but not keeping my hopes up — election coverage from a film critic is a tough sell — even though part of my reason for doing this stems from a conversation that’s been going on in my world, which contends that this election is actually more of a global cinematic experience than a national or political one. That would make bar hopping on election night something like going from one movie theater to another, watching an audience watch the final scene in an epic film. Sort of. Maybe. I’m still figuring it out.

Anyway: Voting! Bars! Help me plan my itinerary.