Came back from Austin Wednesday night with the infamous Plague of SXSW 2008. Can’t move, can barely think or work, missed the Tumblr meetup, which was a big disappointment––I’m really good at drunken scrabble. But, the upside: bedridden, I’ve had a lot of time to watch movies.

Highlights include Otto Preminger’s Daisy Kenyon, which is inexplicably available for rent on iTunes (this one merits more discussion when my head is fully together, but talk about tacked-on endings wrecking a masterpiece––if any female protagonist of any post-war melodrama had a legitimate excuse to chose solitude and independence over marriage, it’s this one), and Josh Safdie’s The Pleasure of Being Robbed, which I’ve watched twice in last three days.

Robbed premiered at SXSW; it’ll also be at the Sarasota Film Festival next month. It started out as a short film/advert for Kate Spade handbags, commissioned by Andy Spade; it morphed into sweet/sad 70 minute film about the cutest kleptomaniac in New York City, and the magical, manic upside to serious psychological distress. I love it. I can’t write about it for Spout because David already did, but if I can’t drag myself out of bed today, I’ll probably watch it again tonight. You can watch the trailer here