Vanity Fair's newly-relaunched Hollywood blog is running an excerpt today from my book, Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor, preceded by a brief Q&A with yours truly. In the excerpt (which is drawn from two different chapters), I try to explain why the film industry and the audiences weren’t ready for Streep’s first attempts at comedy (which included movies like Death Becomes Her, Heartburn, Postcards From the Edge and She-Devil, all of which are due for reappraisal), and then go on to detail what had changed by the late-00s, when the 60-ish Streep became Hollywood’s most reliable summer comedy box office draw. In the Q & A, I set the stage a little bit for the excerpt, and also justify the seemingly needlessly provocative title of this post. This was fun to do; the best thing about writing a book like this is when you finally get to talk about the things you’ve been thinking about for months alone in a room. 

In more book news, I want to apologize to anyone who has pre-ordered or ordered the book from Amazon and not received it, and/or has received conflicting or confusing emails about the shipping status. If they ask you to confirm that you still want the book, please do so. My publisher says they’re working to fix the problem. 

And/or, it looks like you’re going to be able buy the book in person at the New Beverly screenings next week. So come!