Media Log, March 26-27

1. Barry Lyndon by Stanley Kubrick, through to Intermission, DVD

2. Le Bonheur by Agnes Varda, first 40 minutes,  AppleTV

3. Dodgers vs. Mariners, Seattle radio feed on At Bat app

4. +/- 20 minutes of a Steve Martin TV variety show, DVD

5. Baseball Prospectus Effectively Wild podcast on Yasiel Puig (think it was the March 26 edition)

6. First couple of pages of Lincoln, by Gore Vidal

7. MLB Tonight, live but on mute while talking on the phone (should this count? Also, should I count watching other people playing video games? I think maybe the former is fair game, since I made the choice to have the TV on in that case, but the latter is not intentional media consumption. But I dunno.)

8. YouTube clips of Meryl Streep’s AFI Lifetime Achievement Gala