Media Log, April 8-12, 2013

1. Mad Men, Season 6 Episode 1, iTunes

2. New Girl, Season 2, Episode 21, iTunes

3. Dodgers vs. Padres, April 10 game, archived on the next day

4. An episode (or two?) of Key and Peele, iTunes

5. Model Shop, by Jacques Demy, projected at the Cinematheque Francaise

6. Lindsay Lohan on Late Show with David Letterman, YouTube

7. Dodgers vs. Padres, April 11 game, Archived on MLB.TV, first and sixth inning

8. Replay highlights of the Carlos Quentin/Zack Greinke brawl from the above game, over and over and over again on multiple devices.

9. Dodger Talk, April 11 edition, podcast

10. Trade Winds by Tay Garnett, projected at Cinematheque Francaise