Media Log, April 2-7

I spent the week preparing to travel and then doing so, and then getting sick, and through it all I failed to keep accurate tabs of what I watched. There were Dodger games — a couple of dispiriting ones on live TV and then a couple of better ones on MLB.TV. There were podcasts — so many podcasts — and magazines and parts of a couple of books. There were three movies.

1. Terms of Endearment, by James L. Brooks, on demand on an American Airlines flight to Paris

2. Stories We Tell, projected at one of the cineplexes in the mall at Les Halles

3. Heaven’s Gate, projected from what looked like DCP at Le Filmo in the Latin Quarter

Total coincidence, watching two films in two days focusing on youngish, adulterous mothers who die of cancer and leave big families behind. Terms of Endearment got me crying on my third glass of wine on a night flight, but its ultimate martyr bullshit was pretty evident even through my tears; to see Polley tell a similar story a day later, and do it in a way so focused on allowing life to be as messy as it is, was pretty amazing.

Also, Heaven’s Gate is phenomenal. Desolee, haters.