Media Log, April 1, 2013

1. Lucky Louie, the first three episodes, live on HBO

2. +/- 40 minutes of The Kid From Left Field, a totally bizarre Dan Dailey melodrama about a 9 year-old who becomes manager of a struggling Major League team, co-starring an unrecognizable Anne Bancroft, live on TCM

3. +/- 20 minutes of The Legend of Lucy Keyes, a Lifetime Movie starring Julie Delpy and Justin Theroux. Even though it belonged to my second favorite genre of Lifetime movies (ie: Young Mother Moves Into a New House, Supernatural Shit Starts Happening That Throws Her Family Problems Into Relief), it somehow failed to hold my interest after the exhilaration of Opening Day at Dodger Stadium.

4. A lot of MLB Tonight. Like, a lot.

5. WTF with Marc Maron, live show with Harmony Korine, James Franco and Peter Sagal, podcast

6. The Story of Film by Mark Cousins, Part One, +/- 15 minutes while drifting off to sleep, Netflix