On Monday, March 22, at the age of 29 and three-quarters, I got my drivers license. It, so far, has been quite exciting: My First Rush Hour! My First Parking Lot Disaster! My First Oh Shit BRB Forgot To Feed The Meter! It is, in short, a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.

Well, with a caveat. I thought that everything would be okay, once I was finally able to control my own movement through Los Angeles. But everything is not okay; I do not have anything to listen to in the car, because KXLU only comes through spottily on my commute, and I don’t have an MP3 hook-up thing, and when I was leaving New York, I threw away all my CDs (with the exception of half a dozen mix CDs given to me over the past decade by boys; there’s a couple that I can’t listen to due to Memories, and I’ve pretty much exhausted the rest this week).

This is where you come in. Please, people of the internet: make me a mix CD. Put whatever you want on it. If you want to increase the chances that I’ll like it, you can look at my Last.FM profile and curate accordingly. I will Twitter and/or post here about every CD that I receive. Send ‘em here:

Karina Longworth | LA WEEKLY | 3861 Sepulveda Blvd. | Culver City, CA 90230

Godspeed, nerds.