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Jonathan Fire*Eater - The Citi Never Sleeps

Biking back from DUMBO I fell in love with New York tonight and now I’m going to take its pants off. Yeah.

When the constellations recede
the stars break up
we’ll wake up take some tea and
put on our make-up
oh look at me she says
“I’m depressed I’m a mess”
But we’ll shrug it off and smoke and cough
and slip on your gingham dress
Sun strike a match on a skyscraper
and we’ll read about our friends in the city paper
we’ll sit on some curb or something
maybe on the block of public school 16
with my sweet sixteen
sip a little egg cream
and we’ll think about the young and we’ll think about the fathers
we’ll think about the sharks swimming in blue water
At the city aquarium
I will take you there
Call it a date
yeah did you hear that?
Hey fellows, did you hear that?
Oh yeah
I just made a date a with New York City now
I made a date with this city
and I’m gonna take her pants off