It’s always a bit amusing when I see people who are supposed to be on the razor-sharp edge of the zeitgeist pick up on something movie-related months and months after I’ve deemed it irrelevant. The most interesting thing about WJH? is the unexpectedly difficult road it travelled to get to an actual release. It was produced by Mark Cuban’s production company, with the goal of taking it to festivals and selling it to a studio indie division for distribution. It had a hugely-hyped premiere at Sundance in January and no studio wanted to buy it. It closed Cannes, and though it was recieved marginally better there (French people think Hollywood is funny), still no studio wanted to buy it. Cuban and his associates eventually threw up thier hands and decided to release it themselves, through their sister company, Magnolia.

Everything Spiegelman assumed is correct, though.



Trailer for “What Just Happened?” in which Bruce Willis plays himself (and refuses to shave a big-ass beard for a role) and Robert de Niro plays his agent. Looks pretty clever, not ludicrous.

I assume this is based on Art Linson’s autobiographical book of the same name. If so, then Bruce Willis is not actually playing Bruce Willis, but rather Alec Baldwin, who refused to shave his beard for production of The Edge.

Also, DeNiro is playing Linson, who was the producer of The Edgenot an agent.