In short, to record All Wave one must use no computers, no digital recording, no auto-tuning, or any other mainstays of contemporary production.A parallel drawn with the realist film movement (including Lars Von Trier’s Dogme 95 school) is not inappropriate.

The All Wave philosophy carries through the entire production and mastering process, including mixing, editing, sequencing, post-production and the exceptional step of an all-analog direct-metal master for the vinyl LP.This process has been employed on Title TK, the Off You EP, and upcoming Mountain Battles.

Kim commissioned the lovely little “All Wave” logo you will find on these records in an effort to identify them, and possibly start a movement. This should not be construed as a call to arms, but could become at least as significant as the Ska revival or perhaps the WNBA.

— Steve Albini, on The Breeders’ website. Where you can still listen to Mountain Battles, in its entirety, whilst watching Kelly and Kim decorate a VFW hall.