If you’re an employee or an independent contractor or a freelancer and some entity or website is making money off your labor, you deserve to be paid. It doesn’t matter how solvent the company is—they’re still selling ads and making revenue.

Remember, free-bloggers: someone is making money off your work and your content. It’s just isn’t you.

Bloggers : Stop Subsidizing the Entire Internet - Gawker (via soupsoup)

This rant is all well and good, but as far as I can tell, what’s actually going on at AOL has been misreported. It’s my understanding that NO blogger will get paid for blogging until August 1 on most of these blogs, no matter what. That “5 posts a day” thing might be the plan for post 8/1, but right now, I have it on direct word from several freelancers for several sites that they were told to just stop blogging this week, because they’re not going to get paid. The problem is, everyone is under pressure to grow (or at least maintain) traffic, so while waiting for either pink slips or a new posting policy to come down on Friday, some bloggers who care about the brands they’re working for are posting a bit so as to not completely alienate those blogs’ audience. No one I’ve talked to has indicated that they plan to blog for free past Friday. Some people think they’ll go back to something resembling a regular pay scale next week. Some people are looking for work. No one is looking at free blogging for AOL as a long term plan.