I have a new workout regimen. See also: Debbie does Dick Cavett (at the end of the clip, after Woody Allen).

The inevitable Mad Men connection:


Patio Diet Cola was a brand of soda introduced in 1963 by Pepsi. Their spokesperson was a youthful, blonde athelete named Debbie Drake. Drake was chosen to hawk diet cola at ladies because her own brand was built on fitness: she had her own exercise TV show in 1961.

From a TIME profile of Debbie:

Debbie’s format demands attention; she twists rhythmically, counting one-and, two-and, giving encouragement in a pleasant, somewhat twangy voice. Then she calls for deep breathing. After one or two of the deepest breaths seen on TV since Dagmar left, the camera fades to a commercial.

So Debbie was the girl, who in Peggy’s words, was a “25 year old who could act 14”. Bye Bye, Ann Margaret.