I got a lot of questions about this post. Well, two varieties of questions:

1) “Who is that band/what is that song? Because it is fucking awesome.”


2) “Why is two weeks in New York too long? What is wrong with you? And what the fuck does that have to do with this song?”

Well. The song is called “Coast to Coast,” and it’s by Love as Laughter, the touring band of Sam Jayne, who used to be in the long-lost Lync, and also used to play guitar on the road for Beck and Modest Mouse. It’s from the album Sea to Shining Sea, which is basically a concept record about touring. It covers the predictable life-on-the-road bases: being homesick, getting wasted, hooking up, having to say goodbye to someone with whom you’ve been getting wasted and/or hooking up and suddenly realising that you don’t want to go home after all, etc.

I travel a lot. I did the math the other day: based on the number of days I’ll be away in July alone, I might as well flush $495 of my rent down the toilet. I do it because not doing it kills me…and because I don’t know how to do anything else that would allow me to afford to throw over a third of my rent. Until I come up with my own version of romantic hedonist bullshit to make sense of this, I’ll settle for the hired-hand 2nd guitarist for major label indie rockers’ version.

Here’s another song from that record. It’s called “French Heroin.”