UPDATE 12/17: The initial wave of this promotion is over. Thanks to everyone who participated, including those who Tweeted, emailed, etc. Once I fulfill the existing orders, if I have any posters or shirts left I’ll figure out a way to offer them to anyone interested. In the meantime, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a marker of the success of the drive…

My new book Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor, would make a great holiday gift. It’s a fully-illustrated, coffee table style book, but it’s also a fairly serious, extensively researched, long form (+/- 50,000 words) work of film criticism. It’s perfect for the Meryl Streep super fan in your life — a friend or relative who has followed Streep since the ‘70s, or a younger devotee drawn in by Streep’s late-career surge — but it’s also potentially of interest to anyone who cares about acting, celebrity, feminism, the relationship between pop culture and social history and the evolution of female power in Hollywood. It’s both nostalgic, and current. It has something for everyone.

The only problem with giving my book as a gift is that it’s not actually coming out until January 15, which is, from what I hear, not exactly the most fertile time for gift-giving. It is, apparently, exactly 3 weeks after the year’s most fertile time for gift-giving. 

But I refuse to be — or to allow you, the potential book reader/buyer, to be — beholden to this inconvenient timing. So here’s what I’m proposing:

If you pre-order the book — from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or elsewhere — between now and 6pm EST on December 16, email me evidence of this pre-order and I will send you a handcrafted free gift, which you can wrap and pass along to the person to whom you would otherwise give my book, as a placeholder until the book arrives. 

For your gift, you can choose one of the following:

—Limited edition Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor poster, with art by Zachary Johnson

You may know Zach’s work from the alternate posters he’s drawn and painted for the movies made by his cousin, Rian Johnson (see below). Zach is currently working on an image specifically for a small-batch poster run for my book. I’ll post the final image here when it’s done in a couple of days. Until then, here is Zach’s poster for Rian’s most recent film, Looper:

UPDATE! Here is the poster, with Zach’s drawing:



—Custom made Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor t-shirt.



Here is my friend Noah Segan, wearing the T-shirt I made for him. He likes to wear v-neck shirts, and if you do too, that’s doable, but the default is a plain, crew-neck white T. The back is standard but I can put your choice of movie title on the front. When you email me your book receipt, if you want a shirt just let me know what size you prefer, and I will make it to order. 

This is a completely DIY thing; both of these gifts I’m producing on my own time, with my own money. I’m not doing this to make money (I don’t even expect to break even). I’m just really proud of and excited about this book, and I wanted to try something fun to get you guys excited about it, too. 

If you have any questions, email me at karina dot longworth at gmail dot com or find me on Twitter. Thanks!

(Disclaimer: I will do everything I can to get these gifts out in enough theoretical time to make it to you by December 24, up to and including door-to-door delivery in the Los Angeles area, but when it comes to shipping I can’t absolutely guarantee anything.)

UPDATE: Looks like your pre-orders pushed the book onto 3 Amazon best-seller lists!

Here’s Meryl on the Acting and Auditioning Top 10, right under James Franco:

And here she is on the Movie Biographies list, cozying up to Carl Reiner:

This is, like, all-time dream dinner party company (albeit entirely virtual and basically meaningless). Thanks to all who helped make it happen!