After two hours spent flipping back and forth, hate-watching both ‘90210’ and the Republican National Parade of Delusion, I’m thinking of stabbing my eyes out with a fork and then huffing keyboard cleaner until my brain is no longer capable of feeling anything.

I got one look at that Reagan tribute and couldn’t stick with the RNC long enough for the inevitable insert shot of Keith and Rach rolling their eyes. BUT, 90210 was AWESOME. Well, it was when original cast members (or their teenaged spawn or siblings)––or people who used to be on Arrested Development––were on screen. Really, I’m hoping someone starts a video blog where they edit out every second except for when either Brenda Walsh, Erin Silver or Jessica Walters are on screen. It could just be Gange, really. That bit about Ricardo Montalban cracking an egg on her ass was fucking amazing.