Otis Redding - Cigarettes and Coffee

But this isn’t a song about one thing - it’s a song about two things: the moment right before the moment you’re having is over, when you know you’re going to leave, and move inside from a doorstep, or from the diner to the parking lot to the car. Or the moment right when you know a moment isn’t over, but it will be. And you want to prolong it. You want to make it last. You want to be stuck in that strange space that is 2:45 AM forever, and it’s fair. It’s fair because at no other time do certain things make total sense that wouldn’t at any other time. This isn’t a bad thing, and those feral-looking freak addicts in the diner with you? Right now, they’re not just not such bad people - they’re your people. And for a second, New York reminds you of the city you never knew but you’ve always been sentimental for. And then that’s gone, too.

But really, like most Otis Redding songs, it just makes me want to fuck.

(Download here).