Naomi Wolf: The 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division has been deployed by George Bush to somewhere in the United States of America. So, that’s 3, 000 or 4, 000 warriors. And they aren’t answerable to Congress, they’re not answerable to the American people, they’re answerable to President Bush. Again from my study, this is never a good sign.

Alec Baldwin
: Where are they now?

Naomi Wolf: Nobody knows…Who are they and what are they doing? They are battle-hardened soldiers. They’ve spent two tours in Iraq. They were responsible for crowd control in Fallujah. And their original mandate according to the Army Times was crowd control here. They’ve got tasers, they’ve got rubber bullets. They’ve got tanks capable of killing 300 people. They’re armed. And I guess looking at what’s happening around the world in closed-in societies or in weak democracies, soldiers are often sent to monitor elections. Especially contested elections.

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