Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - “Government Center”

Maybe it’s because my dad worked for 40 years at the Veterans Administration as an engineer building hospitals and my brother is going on 15 at the DOJ but I don’t think government is the enemy or any more wasteful and corrupt than the private sector. (Hello, Wall Street!) To trash the government is to trash a lot of hard working Americans. I won’t stand for it, but I will listen to this song again.

I’m not really sure of the exact circumstances, but apparently Jonathan Richman used to be “that quasi-homeless dude who sleeps on the couch” in the Cambridge, Mass. apartment where my dad lived with a couple of other guys in the early ’70s.  Sounds like it would’ve made a great sitcom.  Anyway, as a result, I pretty much grew up listening to this song and “Roadrunner.”

This song is featured prominently and somewhat ingeniously in this movie. Opening night is free thanks to Free Fridays at MoMA.