Brian Krakow Will Have His Revenge On The Internet 

I’m on a 7 hour layover in an airport with free wifi. About five hours in, I started drinking Knob Creek and looking for something to write my NewTeeVee column about. Instead, I ended up watching random episodes of quarterlife––which I had completely avoided since I reviewed the first episode––and jotting down a long list of the things I hate about it. I’m not ready to make that list public yet––I have at least 20 episodes left to go, and I’ve totally fast forwarded through all the stuff with the girl who takes the pills and the bartender and the black guy and the guy and car dealership––but I just discovered that the actor who played Brian Krakow on my so-called life has written some of these episodes. This totally makes sense: quarterlife is, at its core, all about a curly-haired policy-wonk robo-brain trying to save the world’s most insecure pretty girl from her own solipsistic lonliness. And there’s no Jordan Catalano to get in the way this time!

Also: I know that, intellectually, I hate this show. And I can’t. stop. watching.