There was a point last night where probably 85% of the people that I know in the world were all in the International Bar for the ostensible celebration of my 28th birthday. At this point, I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t think to take out my camera, so unfortunately, most of the pictures that I just uploaded to Flickr come from the beginning and the end of the night, thus failing to document the truly epic scope of the party at its peak. Some flashes not represented here:

**There were a lot of people there who I never thought would show up. But most impressively: David and Ashley, who stopped by whilst en route from Missouri to Connecticut.

**There was hugging. A lot of hugging. I’m not much of a hugger. But last night, I did a lot of hugging.

**One young man, who is in the habit of producing tiny little joints for smoking on the street, did this; fifteen minutes later, another young man was seen holding on to a tree so as to not fall down.

**The tranny bouncer told us a story about “the old days” at the International: “I ODed on heroin and my friend took me into the bathroom and shot me up with cocaine. Then I walked right up to the bar and got another beer.” Nothing like that happened last night. As far as I know.

Oh, I forgot: “I was watching Mad Men when you little shits were watching Friends reruns!”