People have been asking me where they can find my lists of the best (or, really, more accurately, my favorite) films of the year and decade. I thought I had pimped these pretty extensively when they went up at ToNY and indieWIRE, but hell, I’ll post them here too, just for the chance to add extra bullshit/context.

First, since I already used my Tumblr to shout out my runners-up for best films of the decade, here, in alphabetical order, are my honorable mentions for best films of 2009, with links to relevant things I’ve written about them where applicable.

35 Shots of Rhum, Avatar, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The House of the Devil, I’m Gonna Explode, Julia, Medicine for Melancholy, Night and Day (above), The Road, Tetro, Valentino: The Last Emperor, The Windmill Movie.