As a consumer of culture in its many forms, I should admit: I looooove SATC. Oh baby, do I. I like nice dinners and white people and couture. I like sex, I like talking about sex, I like forcing my boyfriends to talk about sex, I like writing about sex, I like eating while talking about sex, etc. I also like women’s rights. Women’s rights to choose, women’s rights to shoes, women’s right to booze, and the fact a woman is running for president in 2008. Me likey. Sex and the City cannot be a shifting force of animal and evolutionary drive in and of itself . I do not like thinking that a movie in and of itself can change the course of a sexual culture…I’m pretty sure it’s not that simple. Or, perhaps, if it is, then let’s talk about internet porn and the fetishization of prisoners at Abu Ghraib alongside it.
oooh, can we?