Yup, it’s true — October 31 will be my last day at Spout, and as far I know, the last day that SpoutBlog publishes new material. I can’t really go into any detail as to what happened to get to this point beyond what Paul wrote in his post, other than to say that Spout has been very generous with me for almost 2.5 years, and I understand that I was lucky to be able to hold on to this job in this market for this long, and I probably wouldn’t have if not for the contributions of Christopher Campbell and many other writers, and I’m ready to move on to something else.

But what kind of something else, you ask? That’s a good question. I will continue to freelance (here’s a sample of recent moonlighting) while I figure it out. I’m primarily known as someone who writes about indie film, but I’m definitely open to trying new things, whether within the indie film world (programming, publicity, consulting, whathaveyou) or outside of it.

The announcement may seem sudden, but I’ve known for awhile that this was going to happen and I think I’m as psychologically prepared for it as I can be. Initially I had planned to take a month to enjoy life off the grid before job hunting in earnest, but due to some recent developments within my family/general personal life, I no longer feel comfortable doing that. So! If you need someone with my general skill set (see my bio here and my resume here) for anything, short or long term, in New York or elsewhere, let’s talk.