I think what makes me so fucking angry about Moe’s post is that she admits that the biggest fear for white, upperclass, straight women is HPV. (Rape isn’t even scary anymore, because only dumb girls get themselves raped!) Herpes, of course, is just some “itching and bumps,” and everything else can be shocked out of your system with antibiotics. (I’m not going to touch the whole thing about getting pregnant because of the pull-out method, because it’s Not My Body and I don’t want to start an abortion-as-birth-control debate.) This proves again that, perhaps subconsiously, the fear of HIV / AIDS is no longer on the radar.

As I told Jessica, I’m really frustrated because in this sense, HIV has become the gay disease once again. And even still, Doree’s article in the Observer yesterday referred to a mindset in the gay community that AIDS “is no more serious than diabetes.” It’s incredibly upsetting that people can just shake it off, as if irresponsible behavior is absolutely fine as long as everyone gets the same STD.

I’m sorry, but it’s really fucking gross. You call yourself a “humanist,” Moe? Well, maybe you should think about someone else’s health before you worry about a thin piece of latex ruining your good time.

…might be justified if there was anything in Moe’s stupid post as offensive as the inane NPR (NPR!) headline that inspired it: Sex Without Condoms Is The New Engagement Ring. Yes, seriously. At worst, it’s a confession of the reckless shit you assume Moe does anyway; at best, it’s satire on the idea that unprotected sex is a) this milestone for relationships that “mean something”, and/or b) that getting a disease to someone bonds you to that person (or at least that night) for a lifetime…just like marriage, right?

Sorry. I’m at Comic-Con, which makes me feel like a fucking sexpert, just because I’ve had it. (Slam!)